Hervey Bay to the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Hinterland
Reflections on the Water National Park
Hiding behind a Waterfall

House sitting in Hervey Bay was loads of fun! We did day trips to Maryborough for the markets, plus checked out the Mary Poppins Heritage Walk whilst there.

We also cruised up the Mary River on a full moon tide, this trip can only be done on a very high tide, highly recommend this cruise if you are in Hervey Bay, full day with a great lunch served. You get to see both cattle and cane farms along the way, with an informative commentary by the captain on the regions

The Fisher Boy


A day trip to Bargara was enjoyable with a great bike ride of around 2 hours on the bike paths, past Mon Repo were the Turtles come to lay their eggs and onwards to the Burnett River which flows through Bundaburg. lunch at the Windmill cafe was a good stop for a late lunch. Cyclone Debbie had just been through the area so the river and the sea were very brown and quite choppy. I imagine on a normal day the beaches would be lovely. Maybe next time!

During our three months we meet and mingled with friendly locals, even teaching one lady to swim, and leaving my bike with her to learn how to ride.

There are lots of good restaurants and cafes to cater to your every need, I asked on waitress if they only advertised for ” super friendly staff” as everyone who served us were always lovely.

Small towns are so friendly with a smile and ” hello” from everyone .

We look forward to securing another house sit in this area.

A quick 4.30 hours after leaving the area we’re  now sitting on the Gold Coast, in a lovely canal front property with three pooches to care for.

Catching up with old friends while we are here.

We move to Burleigh shortly for a month, so there will be lots to do there, walks in the National Park will be a must, along with swimming at the famous Burleigh Heads beach.

Both Currumbin Waters and Burleigh  boast restaurants and cafes, so my coffee stops will be numerous!

The Gold Coast seems super busy after the laid back Hervey Bay!

Arkarra Tea Gardens & Burrum Heads

Day Trip.

Just a 30 minute trip north of Hervey Bay you will find the sleepy fishing town of Burrum Heads, the Burrum River is a boaties paradise, with wide clear waters, fishermen galore and a lot of Holiday homes and. A large caravan park, full of those ready to laze around and catch a fish for dinner. There is a pathway along the rivers edge, a few small shops and you,ve seen Burris Heads.

You can just imagine the same families coming here Year after year for their annual holiday in the caravan.

Lunch was not an option as I hadn’t packed a picnic, which we could have eaten at the park beside the river. So off we headed to find the Ankara Tea Gardens.

Arkarra is a wetland area with a lovely tea shop and very nice food, you can even grab a beer or wine if you are in the mood, the selection for lunch was very good, healthy and the setting was really lovely, each table was under a Bali Hut roof, and you were far enough away from other guests that you felt you had the serenity all to yourself.

Sitting there in the nice cooling breeze with the smell of fresh wood chips wa slime being in a wellness spa.

After a leisurely lunch you walked through the wetlands, were we saw ducks and lots of little turtles.

They are used to people and as soon as they hear/ see you at the rotunda they pop their little heads up for you to feed them.

Sorry guys we didn’t have anything to feed you with!

Unfortunately it has been very dry here so there was very little water ,  only one area were the fountain, ducks and turtle she are has any real amount of water.

Can imagine in the wet season it would be very pretty walking along the pathways.

Fraser Island Day Trip

A day trip to Fraser is a wonderful way to see a diverse range of scenery.

Start your day with a barge trip over , we went on a tour, so got picked up and dropped off.

Once on the barge it’s a a quick 30 minutes over to the Island.

Be prepared for a bumpy ride as the tracks are all sand and very well used, rollercoaster trip for all the tracks, we were in a comfortable 4×4 so not as bumpy as the big busses. Once you hit the beach the going is smooth and quite quick.

We stopped at Central Station which was once a logging camp, lots of very big trees in this rainforest area.

From there we headed up the eastern side beach to the Maheno wreck, which is gradually being swallowed by the sand. From here we headed north to Indian Head, 15 climb up gave us wonderful views, saw a VERY large shark, Manata Rays, large fish and  gorgeous Turtle , all this from the top of the head.

Back down the beach we stopped at Eli Waters, this is a fresh spring that runs down to the sea, crystal clear water , lovely to float down in or just walk down to cool off. Very popular spot for families.

Our last stop was at the magnificent Lake McKenzie, with it’s fresh water, great for a leisurely swim, the lake is around 30metre in depth and is quite spooky to swim in out further as it is covered in leaf litter which makes the water seem black, close to sure is clear of the leaves so you can see the very white sand.

Long day but it’s well worth the effort to go if you are in this area.

Maheno Wreck
Ladies area for the Aboriginal People
Looking north from Indian Head
Clear water at Indian Head
Eli Waters
Lake McKenzie
Kauri Tree in the forest
Ladies only area
Rain Forest
Trying to move the Maheno Wreck
Rusted out sides of the ship


Toogoom a Hidden Gem

Serendipity Caravan Park
Beach Shack with the Outdoor Dunny(Toilet)

Whilst staying in Hervey Bay a visit to Toogoom is a must, just 16km north of the Bay you will find this small seaside enclave.

The protected Bay is a boaties paradise, with fishermen dotted along the jetty and rock wall, being watched by the patrons of Goody’s on the Beach, a  well appointed restaurant and gift shop.

Live music plays between 12- 3 pm for your enjoyment, and it seemed to be a very popular place to buy the childhood favourite a Spider, for those who have have not had the pleasure as a child of one of these, it consists of a glass of a soda of your choice( lemonade, coke etc) then a generous dollop of ice cream on top, small stir and drink with a straw.

There were so many of these served on our visit today that when we ordered something that came  in the same sized glass we were told there were no clean glasses at present.

After a lazy lunch enjoying the relaxing music, we meandered along the foreshore road, to our delight we came across a very old caravan park, Serendipity Caravan Park, who would like to buy it?

Old houses with an outhouse in the yard ( I.e your toilet) and very quaint and quirky homes, all set amongst pretty trees.


If you are visiting the Fraser Coast then Toogoom is a must stop!

New Years Eve and New Years Day in Newcastle

Nobbys Beach Surf Club. Newcastle

Happy New Year to you all.

Newcastle put on a nice day for the New Year festivities, with calm, cool weather and a light cloud cover.

The  Foreshore was full off families in the parks, eating and enjoying a few drinks.

Newcastle has a 9pm fireworks display so the whole area of the river foreshore was very busy, they have nice restaurants and food stalls for you to partake of, prior to the show.

We have been housesitting at the top , or east end of Newcastle so we could just walk across to the Fort Scratchley park area for a birds eye view, even took the dog  who was quite at home with the kids , fireworks didn’t phase him at all. With a nice glass of bubbles and a good crowd we enjoyed the 12 minute show.

The Foreshore Newcastle

Today, New Year’s Day was spent with a leisurely walk along the boardwalk, a couple of swims, then  around 4pm we went off to the Nobbys Beach surf club for a $4 Corona and a great hamburger for an early dinner.

Newcastle Walks whilst House sitting

Today started out with an early morning dip in the ocean for me, while Don walked Pip our house sit dog down the road for a newspaper.

hot westerly winds were coming in early and the temperature was rising from around 7am, clear blue skies overhead.

The local Newcastle baths are emptied on Thursday each week, these baths are fed from the ocean tides, but get a little dirty after a week of many swimmers doing laps, and the general public playing in the water, they are emptied right out and then overnight they will refill from the ocean ready for the onslaught of swimmers on Friday.

The local Newcastle area abounds in beautiful  coastline with two sets of baths only 3kms apart. Merewether baths are emptied on Fridays, so at least one set of baths is available to the public.

With this in mind we set off today to walk in 38degree heat with a hot westerly not cooling us down at all, as we walked the wonderful coastal walk from Nobbys Beach all the way down to Merewether baths, once her we partook of the cool water and swam some laps.

If you are in the area the local Surf Club at Merewether has a great $10 pizza and cold drinks are available.

Lovely views out to the ocean, great staff and great food make this an ideal stopping spot whether you are driving or walking.

One the walk back we stopped off at The Bogey Hole, this is a man made rock pool between Bar Beach and Newcastle South Beach. It was constructed in the late 1800’s early 1900’s for a local dignitary as his private pool. It is also served by the ocean, get in whilst the tide has cleaned it out, it will be crystal clear, it can be a bit off when very busy and the kids stir up the bottom by jumping off the ledges(great fun though).

When we got there it was very murky and didn’t look too appealing, so we opted to keep heading north of a dip at Newcastle Beach instead, lovely clear water and very cool temperatures made for a perfect end to a very hot long walk.

Be prepared to spend at least 3-4 hours on this walk to spend time admiring the very picturesque  views along the way.

Take water, although there are lots of water taps along the coastal walkway.