Hervey Bay’s Welcome

Hervey Bay, entices us with it’s warm weather and even warmer seas!

It is the launching spot to Fraser Island the biggest sand island in Australia, plus the Whale watching capitol during the winter season.

After just one week in sunny Hervey Bay we have settled into life like a local, down to Aquavue for a coffee early Sunday morning, a walk along the Esplanade then a relaxing BBQ at home.

Today we undertook a walk around the top end of the Bay, in Pt Vernon, this area has water on both sides as it juts out into the bay. Seeing lots of Kangaroos on the way.

Views on one side are to Toogum and Burrum Heads, this area was being enjoyed by local fishermen and a few dogs.

Journeying further around we came upon Gataker Bay which is a boat launching area with a nice restaurant to watch the sunset from, continue on and you come across two beach areas tucked in amongst the rocky shoreline, lovely, quiet, almost deserted areas with parks and nice facilities.

Looking north
Calm Seas
Local Kangaroos
Good spot for a swim
Rock Shelves
Great Gum Tree
Rocky shelf of Pt Vernon
Someone’s View

Pt Vernon has a more rocky shoreline than the Bay Area, but these little areas are hidden away from general view, and proved a nice spot to have a dip in the warm waters.