Toogoom a Hidden Gem

Serendipity Caravan Park
Beach Shack with the Outdoor Dunny(Toilet)

Whilst staying in Hervey Bay a visit to Toogoom is a must, just 16km north of the Bay you will find this small seaside enclave.

The protected Bay is a boaties paradise, with fishermen dotted along the jetty and rock wall, being watched by the patrons of Goody’s on the Beach, a  well appointed restaurant and gift shop.

Live music plays between 12- 3 pm for your enjoyment, and it seemed to be a very popular place to buy the childhood favourite a Spider, for those who have have not had the pleasure as a child of one of these, it consists of a glass of a soda of your choice( lemonade, coke etc) then a generous dollop of ice cream on top, small stir and drink with a straw.

There were so many of these served on our visit today that when we ordered something that came  in the same sized glass we were told there were no clean glasses at present.

After a lazy lunch enjoying the relaxing music, we meandered along the foreshore road, to our delight we came across a very old caravan park, Serendipity Caravan Park, who would like to buy it?

Old houses with an outhouse in the yard ( I.e your toilet) and very quaint and quirky homes, all set amongst pretty trees.


If you are visiting the Fraser Coast then Toogoom is a must stop!

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We are newly retired Resort Managers, we are now intending to travel via House Sitting. Our idea is to highlight the areas were we sit, and spread the word about the wonderful things you could do if you visited.

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