Fraser Island Day Trip

A day trip to Fraser is a wonderful way to see a diverse range of scenery.

Start your day with a barge trip over , we went on a tour, so got picked up and dropped off.

Once on the barge it’s a a quick 30 minutes over to the Island.

Be prepared for a bumpy ride as the tracks are all sand and very well used, rollercoaster trip for all the tracks, we were in a comfortable 4×4 so not as bumpy as the big busses. Once you hit the beach the going is smooth and quite quick.

We stopped at Central Station which was once a logging camp, lots of very big trees in this rainforest area.

From there we headed up the eastern side beach to the Maheno wreck, which is gradually being swallowed by the sand. From here we headed north to Indian Head, 15 climb up gave us wonderful views, saw a VERY large shark, Manata Rays, large fish and  gorgeous Turtle , all this from the top of the head.

Back down the beach we stopped at Eli Waters, this is a fresh spring that runs down to the sea, crystal clear water , lovely to float down in or just walk down to cool off. Very popular spot for families.

Our last stop was at the magnificent Lake McKenzie, with it’s fresh water, great for a leisurely swim, the lake is around 30metre in depth and is quite spooky to swim in out further as it is covered in leaf litter which makes the water seem black, close to sure is clear of the leaves so you can see the very white sand.

Long day but it’s well worth the effort to go if you are in this area.

Maheno Wreck
Ladies area for the Aboriginal People
Looking north from Indian Head
Clear water at Indian Head
Eli Waters
Lake McKenzie
Kauri Tree in the forest
Ladies only area
Rain Forest
Trying to move the Maheno Wreck
Rusted out sides of the ship


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We are newly retired Resort Managers, we are now intending to travel via House Sitting. Our idea is to highlight the areas were we sit, and spread the word about the wonderful things you could do if you visited.

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