Arkarra Tea Gardens & Burrum Heads

Day Trip.

Just a 30 minute trip north of Hervey Bay you will find the sleepy fishing town of Burrum Heads, the Burrum River is a boaties paradise, with wide clear waters, fishermen galore and a lot of Holiday homes and. A large caravan park, full of those ready to laze around and catch a fish for dinner. There is a pathway along the rivers edge, a few small shops and you,ve seen Burris Heads.

You can just imagine the same families coming here Year after year for their annual holiday in the caravan.

Lunch was not an option as I hadn’t packed a picnic, which we could have eaten at the park beside the river. So off we headed to find the Ankara Tea Gardens.

Arkarra is a wetland area with a lovely tea shop and very nice food, you can even grab a beer or wine if you are in the mood, the selection for lunch was very good, healthy and the setting was really lovely, each table was under a Bali Hut roof, and you were far enough away from other guests that you felt you had the serenity all to yourself.

Sitting there in the nice cooling breeze with the smell of fresh wood chips wa slime being in a wellness spa.

After a leisurely lunch you walked through the wetlands, were we saw ducks and lots of little turtles.

They are used to people and as soon as they hear/ see you at the rotunda they pop their little heads up for you to feed them.

Sorry guys we didn’t have anything to feed you with!

Unfortunately it has been very dry here so there was very little water ,  only one area were the fountain, ducks and turtle she are has any real amount of water.

Can imagine in the wet season it would be very pretty walking along the pathways.

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We are newly retired Resort Managers, we are now intending to travel via House Sitting. Our idea is to highlight the areas were we sit, and spread the word about the wonderful things you could do if you visited.

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