NSW Road Trip

After finishing our last housesit we had a week to spare before the start of our next job. With this in mind we took a leisurely few days heading south.

First stop Byron Bay on a picturesque day, time for a swim and some lunch, then a walk along the famous beach to The Pass for this lovely view.

Then it was off to our overnight stay a little further south, were we got to enjoy the company of the lovely Yogi, taking him for a play on Seven Mile beach, then heading back for an early morning swim the next day. This is such a beautiful area of northern NSW.

After a short drive south, through various areas of road works that seem to be never ending on the Pacific Hwy we drove into the lovely town of Yamba for a 2 night stay. Grabbing a great Airbnb we settled in, then went exploring, Yamba is set on a river with the mouth at the edge of town, two big break walls give easy access to the ocean for the local trawlers, Yamba is on the south side and has lovely beaches on offer. The main beach boasts a ocean pool and a surf club, with nice headlands to walk around. A quick 19 minute drive has you at Angourie with its surfing beach and National Park.

Back in town and walking back to our home base we came across the Wednesday market, yippe, fresh ginger, turmeric and 3kg of raw honey,  and a hot coffee, we swam both days with dolphins joining us on the second morning, wonderful. Wind was cold so no SUP paddling at this stop. Sunsets here were spectacular.

Next stop Forster for a 3 night stay, once again we grabbed a Airbnb very close to everything. Forster is a bigger town with a huge lake system, in actual fact there are 3 lakes with Forster being on Wallis, then there is Smiths and Myall Lake, they are all large bodies of water with Wallis heading out to sea at Forster.

Forster boasts a wonderful walking track right along the coastline with a huge sand hill in the middle of the walk. You can walk along One Mile Beach and up or around the dune to continue along the cliff top walkway, continue past Pebbly Beach around the hill and over to the main town beach and another sea water swimming pool. We ended up doing a circuit of 12km from our   accommodation. Winter had set in so no swimming whilst here although the ocean looked very inviting, once more the dolphins came to visit us.

After three greats days in Forster it was back on the road for our final leg to Newcastle for a family overnight stay, as usual Newcastle laid on a beautiful day, so we walked to Nobby Beach for some lunch then down the river for a coffee before heading back to our family’s home.

Starting the next morning we headed south to our next Housesitting assignment, Wagstaffe here we come. Spectacular day to arrive no wind, no clouds and picture perfect view from our new home. Our homeowner was to stay until the next afternoon, so we got lots of preparation for the sit with our two new doggie mates. Since we arrived it has been wet, although today we got a paddle in before the rains came back. No walk for the dogs today as it’s now bucketing down, which also means the chooks have had to stay inside their home.

When the weather clears we will go exploring, so until next time enjoy your adventures no matter what they may be.

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We are newly retired Resort Managers, we are now intending to travel via House Sitting. Our idea is to highlight the areas were we sit, and spread the word about the wonderful things you could do if you visited.

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