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What a wonderful time we had housesitting in Wagstaffe NSW , we had a magical view and two cuddly dogs to look after along with 9 chickens.
We were not to lucky with the weather at the start of our month, however there was hardly a day when we couldn't get out to walk the dogs or ourselves.
Wagstaffe is surrounded by Bouddi National Park, so we got to enjoy bush walking right outside our backdoor.
The parks run right along the coastline, which features rock shelves , sandy beaches and lots of sandstone.
The local area is well established with its history going back to the late 1800’s , being only a short ferry trip away from Sydneys northern beaches, it proves a popular destination for Sydney siders and day trippers.

We ventured over to Palm Beach on the ferry for lunch with some friends , it's a great trip. Something else that was easy to access was the Postmans Ferry trip up the Hawkesbury, full of history from the 1800's our Captain had many a tale to tell, the trip takes around 3-4 hours with a luncheon supplied. Highly recommend if you are in the area.

For a day trip we went out to Wisemans Ferry , long windy road but great spot for lunch, we checked out the museum and the convicts road, imagine cutting through rocks and trees to make a roadway going north.

Whilst staying at Wagstaffe we drove up to Budgewoi to visit another sit we are doing. Shared a lovely lunch with the Homeowners, but we knew we had to be back to put the chickens back into their coop. It would take us an hour to drive back, and we drove into rain which then caused the darkness to descend quickly. Upon getting home first job was to put the chickens to bed, up I go with an umbrella, in a pair of Crocs 4 sizes to big for me as the pen was quite muddy, oh and did I mention slippery! Here I was with the bucket of grain , but alas not a chicken to be seen! Now I think how can you loose 9 chickens that are fenced into a large area, no feathers meant no foxes had gotten in, gates all closed, where oh where were the chickens? Torch going I searched, finally seeing a tiny smudge of white, there they all were up a tree, some so high I could only reach them with the broom handle, wet and bedraggled they sat! After much muttering and prodding I got them all down and Don held their inner gate open to make sure they all went to bed! Lesson learned they roost in trees, just as well they gave us lovely eggs.

Riding with some locals around the bike paths was a great way to spend a day, and there is plenty of pathway to explore. If you like hill work this is the area to ride in , we went over the bridge to the flat areas, thank goodness.
As the area is surrounded by water we managed to get out with our SUP's, trying not to come off as the water was rather cold. Brisbane Water is a huge body of protected waters, with lovely housing around large portions of the waterways.
All in all this is a picturesque area of NSW and we would recommend a visit to the area, would love to come back in summer.

Wherever you are enjoy your travels, you only live once, get out there and participate in the world.
Until next time
Von & Don
House Sitting Adventures

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We are newly retired Resort Managers, we are now intending to travel via House Sitting. Our idea is to highlight the areas were we sit, and spread the word about the wonderful things you could do if you visited.

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